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About Hologram

A hologram is a 3 dimensional image made by high-tech optical laser-recording technique. There are number of layers of impressions of the master design in a hologram. The holograms changes colors when viewed from different angles. A reliable solution for brand protection and brand promotion, the holograms are impressible to copy and duplicate.


There is a patent master design for a single hologram that is registered with the regulatory body. A variety of holograms is offered by us that include holographic laminates, holographic products, holographic laminate films, security holograms, and holograms labels, holograms stickers, advanced hologram, holographic tapes and hot stamping holograms.

Features of hologram sticker

  • Impossible to duplicate
  • Durable as compared to other graphic mediums
  • Unique three dimensional images and colors
  • Tamper evident
  • Made through an inkless process
  • Available in 2D and 3D images
  • Highly secure solution for brand protection
  • Complex optical patterns
  • Options for images and patterns in holograms

brand protection with holograms

Today, holograms are the most reliable and cost effective solution for brand protection and brand promotion. With the increasing threats of imitation and huge loss of market reputation, the demand for 3D security holograms is growing day by day. These are in great demand in almost all the sectors ranging from banking, packaging, and currency to branded products. The holograms are very flexible in their use as these can be used on many surfaces including aluminum foil, plastic, wood, paper and leather.

Uses Of Holograms

There is wide range of holograms that is used in:
• Bank Cheques, Draft and Guarantees, loan sanction letters, debit & credit cards and etc
• Computer peripherals

  • Books, Publications, Copyright Sales
  • College & school Mark-sheets, Degree and Diplomas
  • Vehicle registration & driving license
  • Branded fashion wear and accessories
  • Excise Revenue Stamps
  • Passport & visas
  • Medicines & cosmetic products
  • Liquors
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Aircraft, Automotive & High Technology Engineering Spares & Machine Parts

Anti-counterfeiting hologram

Uniqueness is the main feature of the holograms that make them the most secured tool against piracy and duplication. A hologram is made through an inkless process that is impossible to be copied through conventional reprographic means like copiers or scanners and printers. The skills and technology used by us in the designing of the holograms ensure that the production technique is beyond the reach of the counterfeiters.


Holograms : Impossible to duplicate

There is a master design required for a single hologram. A master design is created through a series of process under very secure and complex environment. There are lots of parameters on which a master piece is designed and thus it is impossible to copy the design. Laser technology combined with photochemical techniques and optical sciences are used creating the master design. One single master design remains permanent for a hologram and to create another same type of hologram, one need to create another master design. Like this, one master design cannot be same at any point of time.

More Security For Your Master

A regulatory body is there who maintain a hologram roster across the world for each and every single master design for a hologram. Thus, it is impossible to copy or duplicate the hologram. There are lots of other parameters that prevent the counterfeiters to copy the master design. The holograms are embossed and are made without inks so there no alternative printing technique for printing or scanning the hologram. A huge investment and skilled scientists are required to start a hologram plant and this prevents other common people from trying out the manufacturing of holograms.

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